Welcome to the CPAAI 2020 International Conference in Sydney!

It is our great privilege and honour to host the 2020 CPAAI International Conference from 3 to 6 June in Sydney Australia.  This will be the second time Sydney has hosted a CPAAI Conference, the first was in 2000 when Olympic fever gripped the city.

Sydney is one of Australia's largest cities famous for its stunning harbour, arched Harbour Bridge and distinctive 'sail-like' Opera House.  This time our CPAAI Conference will coincide with another iconic event, the spectacular light show 'Vivid', a fantastic bonus for visitors!

Australia has an incredible diverse culture.  Originally settled by the Aboriginal people over 60,000 years ago, the British colonisation of Australia began in 1788 and waves of many other ethnic peoples have followed.  Australia is often referred to as the lucky country - its economy has had more than two decades of growth due to demand for its natural resources.  Australia was also the only major developed nation to avoid the global recession in 2009.

These days, Australia has a large, mixed-market economy which includes a thriving tech sector.  We are pleased to have our keynote speaker a Director and immediate Chairman of fast-growing AustralianTech stock 'Wisetech'.

We have built our conference program on strengthening our global connections, sharing our experiences and knowledge, and understanding each other on a cultural and professional level. Our sessions will include workshop participation around global issues that we are experiencing in our profession including the latest geopolitical events affecting us, our clients and potential new service lines.

We promise wonderful dining and special moments so please come and experience Sydney with us! We look forward to welcoming you on this momentous occasion of our global gathering in Sydney.

Glenda Nixon

Managing Partner, Accru Felsers