Group Activity Options - Saturday 6th June 

There are two options for the group activity for you, and your partner if they are attending, to participate in on Saturday 6th June.  Below please find further details:

The Rocks Sydney Walking Tour


Sydney's Original Walking Tour, established 1978, will take you on a leisurely walk through Sydney's colonial district, The Rocks.

Hear the story of Sydney's convict past as you stroll along the shoreline of Sydney Harbour with views of the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, past Cadman's Cottage, Sydney’s oldest cottage built in 1816, Campbell’s Cove and the hidden Foundation Park. 

Wander down hidden alleyways, into shady courtyards, along cobbled laneways as you hear the story of Australia's first British settlement. Be amazed with stories of The First Fleet 1788, Nurses Walk, The Rum Rebellion 1808, the Argyle Cut 1840, Suez Canal, the plague 1900, the Harbour Bridge 1920's, the diabolical 1970's plan to demolish The Rocks and the Green Bans that saved it and of course the characters and rogues who called it home. 

Today The Rocks is renowned for having the oldest streets in Sydney, dotted with beautifully restored nineteenth century buildings. 

 Tour Highlights: 

  • The shoreline of sparkling Sydney Cove 

  • Harbour views of Sydney's Opera House and Harbour Bridge 

  • Cadman's Cottage, Sydney CBD's oldest surviving cottage built in 1816 

  • Campbell's Cove; is a beautiful, intimate cove offering fantastic views of Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Campbell’s Cove wharves 

  • Awe inspiring Argyle Cut; was begun with convict labour in 1843 

  • Within The Rocks historic precinct we will wander through George Street, Greenway Lane, Kendall Lane, Rocks Square, Playfair Street, Foundation Park, Suez Canal and Nurses Walk and much more!

The Rocks Sydney Walking Tour will be followed by lunch.




Golf at Moore Park Golf Club


Enjoy a round of golf at Moore Park Golf Clubs pristine 18 hole championship course


Located just minutes from Sydney’s CBD, boasting immaculate fairways and greens a relaxed environment and unique views of the city and Harbour Bridge - it is a golf course like no other.

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